Arugam Bay is located in the dry zone of Sri Lanka’s southeast coast, on the Indian Ocean. The bay lies 117 kilometers south of Batticaloa and 320 kilometers east-west of Colombo. Arugambay is the most popular surf place in Sri Lanka and is considered as one of the top 10 surf destinations in the world. If you’re not a surfer, there are lots of other attractions. Arugambay is also surrounded by beautiful countryside with a diverse range of attractions, including the elephant-rich Lahugala National Park, Kumana National Park, and the Rottaikulam reservoir.

Arugambay Top 10

Wildlife Adventures

Sri Lanka has unparalleled biodiversity and is considered one of the world’s top five biodiversity hotspots. Arugambay is located close to some of Sri Lanka’s most diverse wildlife sanctuaries. Arugambay Podbay organise safari tours that cover the region’s popular attractions such as Lahugala wildlife park, Kumana wildlife park, Kanchikudichchiaru fishing ground, as well as Rottaikulam reservoir.

Arugambay Top 10

Historical Sites

Legends surround the numerous historical and spiritual sites in the area; Magul Maha Viharaya, Muhudu Maha Viharaya, Kudumbigala Monastery, and Okanda Kovil.

Arugambay Top 10

Discover Village Life

Visit Urani to discover leisurely way of life. Watch the farmers work under the blue sky at the paddy fields or herds of cattle and goats grazing.

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Night Life

As the sun sets, the main road of Arugambay transforms from a quite road to a happenning street. Twinkling lights and bright music heighten the jovial atmosphere, and the night becomes a time to let go and have fun.

Arugambay Top 10

Rejuvenate with Yoga

Enjoy an early morning yoga session before the beginning of an action-packed day ahead. Yoga enthusiasts are drawn to the unhurried place and serenity of Arugambay.

Arugambay Top 10

Great Food

Arugambay offers a gastronomical adventure to diners; enjoy Sri Lankan dishes, BBQ or a fusion of western and eastern cuisine.

Arugambay Top 10

Day Excursions

Visit nearby attractions such as Passikudah, Ella or Kataragama. The Buttala-Sella Kataragama Road is an adventure of its own as the gentle giants roam close to the road.

Arugambay Top 10

Tuk Tuk Safari

Hop on a Tuk Tuk and explore Arugambay, Pottuvil, Urani, and Panama. Discover dinning hotspots, charming landscapes, and abundant wildlife.

Arugambay Top 10

Surf the Waves

Arugambay is a surfer’s paradise. Whisky Point, Pottuvil Point, Arugambay Point, Crocodile Rock, Elephant Rock, Okanda Point, Light House/Green Beach, Panagala Point and Panama Point are best to visit from April to October.

Arugambay Top 10

Sun, Sand & Sea

The beaches are the best place to welcome the morning sun or to enjoy a romantic stroll at sunset. From sunbathing to a round of beach volleyball, options are limitless.

Learn to surf – The island’s surfing capital is in a swirl of thrills. Grab your surfboard and get ready to ride rollicking waves.

Other popular surfing points are just short distances away for surfing enthusiasts. Another popular surfing destination is the Pottuvil Point, which is a short walk south from Whisky Point along the beach, but a longer drive by road. This point is for those who also want to avoid the crowds and take it easy with the waves.

Further south, about half hour’s drive by tuk is the main point at Arugambay. On a good day you can get rides as high as 5ft. There may be lulls between consistent waves, so a longer stay is ideal to make the most of surfing at Arugambay.

There are in total 10 surfing spots in Arugambay, including Crocodile Rock and Peanut Farm among other notable points. The surfing season commences in April and continues until October.



A lesser known sanctuary shrouded in heavily forested areas comes alive with elephants rustling in the thicket as they feed or traverse the forests.


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A wildlife park rich in diversity, you can sight crocodiles, deer, sambur, birdlife, elephants and by a happy chance, maybe even leopards and the sloth bear. You may not need to wander far as you might just encounter elephants nearby Whisky Point!

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A pristine paradise after passing Urani on the Pottuvil-Batticaloa road, the Kanchikudichchiaru tank is a favourite local fishing ground.


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Life Surrounding Kanchikudicharu




The Rottaikulam reservoir in the East Coast represents harmony between man and Mother Nature.


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Rottaikulam’s Lulls Of Life

This 5th Century BC archaeological site with well-preserved ruins offering interesting insights into an ancient chapter of Sri Lanka


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A Temple of Yore: Magul Maha Viharaya


Muhudu Maha Viharaya


In a quiet setting these ancient ruins of a temple includes partially preserved statues of interest and an intriguing accounts of legend and lore.

Okanda Temple


The temple is of significant spiritual importance for Hindu devotees of the Padayatra pilgrimage to Kataragama as it marks the arrival of Lord Murugan and his consort Valli on stone boats to Sri Lanka.


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Kudumbigala Rock

The Kudumbigala rock in Panama is an ancient monastic cave complex that once served as a refuge for Buddhist monks.

Lost in Time in Pottuvil

Trip to the lagoon


The Urani lagoon is home to a rich eco system nestled amidst mangroves and waterways, where many of nature’s inhabitants take abode. Take a boat ride or kayak along the lagoon to explore the biodiversity and witness mesmerizing vistas of the landscape as dusk sets in.

We are more than happy to organise boat rides for you and assist you with your kayak.


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A Boat Ride Along The Urani Kalapu

Along The Waters Of Urani

If you like to explore and enjoy the rustic beauty of Urani and the Pottuvil lagoon take a walk with one of our staff members who will be happy to guide you. Discover the local way of life or learn to cook traditional Urani food at one of the homes in the village. You can also take a nice long stroll along the beach so that you cover one end of the bay to the other.


We also arrange day trips to Passikudah, Trincomalee and experience different beaches of the East Coast or drive along the Buttala Sella-Kataramgama Road to see elephants.


Be spontaneous to try new things here! We are here to help you.


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